As a commercial property manager Orbit Property Management (Orbit) recognises that our responsibility is much more than managing, maintaining and ensuring the buildings we look after are serviced to the highest possible standard.

The buildings we manage for our Clients also require to be maintained in an environmentally and socially responsible way, providing our Clients and their customers with the appropriate service that helps them to achieve their ESG targets as well as ensuring we are focusing on the areas that matter.

With ESG becoming more important in real estate we have been engaging with our Clients to ensure we are reducing carbon footprint as well as promoting wellbeing and delivering a positive social impact where we can. We also strive to work proactively with occupiers to promote a positive influence on their wellbeing and within the community.

We believe all buildings should operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and Orbit will continue to engage with our Clients to ensure we strive to achieve this wherever possible.

This document sets out our approach to ESG and how we work with our Clients and their Customers to achieve both their targets and ours.